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we create devices of tomorrow
producent sterwoników, projektowanie urządzeń elektronicznych

Designing electronic devices

Ergomatic offers to its clients a development of the entire device or assistance at any stage of the process of its creation.

In addition to the design and production of electronic devices, we also:

We manufacture electronics and the entire device according to customer documentation.
We supply Printed Circuit Boards

Our comprehensive services include:

Preparation of the objectives of the project and its verification with the customer

the feasibility study of the project
preliminary estimate of the cost
selection of appropriate technologies and materials
schedule for the implementation of an order
przycisk pojemnościowy
Sensor pojemnościowy dotykowy odporny na wode

Design and creation of
a prototype of electronics

design of circuit diagrams
PCB circuit design
SMD and THT mount
programming microcontrollers
electric and  functionality tests

Enclosure and user interface development

enclosure and interface design
prototype  3D printing 
CNC machining
user interface realization
Sensor odporny na wodę
Sensor pojemnościowy dotykowy odporny na wode

Preparing the device for placing on the market

final assembly and testing
creating of technical documentation and user manual compliance testing and certification
The above tasks we are able to perform having
extensive experience in the design and implementation of new devices
own design and prototyping factory
many reliable suppliers of components and sub-contractors
innovative knowledge, art and design facilities
Sensor pojemnościowy dotykowy odporny na wode
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